Holt Farm, Wigan

Listed Building Renovation


The property was purchased with a view to extend and modernise the existing grade 2 listed building whilst retaining the original farm house features. 

The Solution

With 360° views over open country side it was clear large amounts of glass would ensure all aspects can be seen from inside the completed house.

The layout internally is predominately open plan to ensure the scale of the house is appreciated as well as maximising the amount of daylight.

The feature glass stairs greet you as you enter and quickly disappear as you peer through them at the proposed enlarged pond and grassed fields to the rear.

The style of the gable oak frame is taken from the pre-existing timber 'crook' frame of the medieval farm house and is carried through to the timber frame work on the garage outbuilding.







Ground Floor Plan

domestic house renovation drawings wigan







First Floor Plan

domestic house renovation drawings wigan


Existing Front Elevation 


Existing Rear Elevation 

run down house listed holt farm wigan WBD