The Orchard


To turn a dated 1.5 storey property into a large modern two storey family house.

The Solution

The property site is on a narrowing plot making first floor, rear-wood views tricky whilst maintaining neighbours privacy.

This was achieved by including an angled zinc 'pod' on one side, and positioning the en-suite on the other. Allowing the central, rear-facing windows to be more minimalistic in design.

The existing pool structure was retained and elevated by replacing the roof finish with zinc and burnt cedar cladding.

The proposed entrance porch is simplistic in its design, and allows the cobblestones to showcase their inherent natural texture.

The front-facing windows include projecting, metal reveals, to accentuate the openings and, the main roof is finished in slate with the walls being a mix of burnt cedar cladding and white render.

Proposed Ground Floor

Proposed First Floor