The Sanctuary


To incorporate all facilities within a contemporary redesign of the building whilst retaining the existing building's original features, and considering the building's heritage status and location in a conservation area.

The existing building would have been built between 1875 and 1909. The style of the existing and surrounding properties are Victorian/Edwardian and similar to Fleetwood was originally built following a grid pattern. The existing building is set with the conservation area – St Anne’s (Town Centre) on a prominent corner location, fronting both St Anne’s Road West & Garden Street.

The buildings defining features include the red facing bricks, feature stone work including quoins, window heads and surrounds and most notable being the dental work to the cornice banding above the second floor windows with a parapet wall above and a corner stone bay.

St Annes Commercial

The Solution

To accommodate the proposed uses the current design of the property needs to demonstrate its intensions from the exterior to reflect its cutting edge, contemporary and innovative offerings internally whilst retaining the main features of the existing property that has given the property along with its previous use, a highly regarded building.

The glass balconies will be a small addition to the elevation fronting Garden Street affording access to the buildings users and giving the public glimpses of what the building has to offer.

The existing roof form is that of a more practical shape than decorative. The roof finish has been replaced with a concrete pan tile. This has given justification to remove the pitched elements that sit away from the HSBC building and replaced with a roof top bar.


The existing footprint of the building is being retained and the extensions are mostly glazed, providing a contemporary beautiful piece of architecture within the centre of St Anne’s. There are no detriments to the existing amenity spaces with no impact on trees or shrubbery.

The proposal will enhance the appearance of St Anne’s by complimenting the existing surroundings and historical features by providing a high-quality architectural design and will set the path for future investment and development in St Anne’s

proposed basement

Best use of space, will allow sufficient area to create a sense of tranquillity, calming and quality, this aura will be replicated throughout the other building uses.


spa pool

Proposed Ground Floor

The corner of Garden Street and St Annes Road West unit will be used as a luxury restaurant, given its prominent corner location this use will best compliment the high street.

The large Garden Street access will serve the main building entrance, whilst the second Garden Street access will be used in the evening for the holding bars access, this bar is intended for users whilst they wait for their allotted time to make use of the roof top bar. During the day this bar will service the diners during their spa experience day.

Proposed First Floor

This floor will provide two uses, firstly for medical uses, the medical reception area encapsulates the reassuring, clean & innovative feel the building seeks to achieve and reflects the contemporary external glazed extension. The contemporary design also compliments the cutting-edge technology and services that the floor will have to offer.

The second use will be for massage rooms, these will have clean white and grey materials to provide a clean feel whilst the calming purple light washes and accent furniture provide the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere to the room. The massage rooms can be used as part of the spa day journey.

Opportunities for users to make use of the proposed balconies is considered high to ensure the experience meets with high expectations.

proposed second floor

This floor level will provide self-serviced large hotel / airb+b rooms for users of the buildings activities. Opportunities for users to make use of the proposed balconies is considered high to ensure the experience meets with high expectations.

proposed third floor/rooftop

The roof top bar is to provide an experience like no other, from the point of entry of the glass lift that affords a view of the roof top area from the moment the lift door opens that is complimented by the large roof glazing over. Guests will be greeted by concierge and taken to your seat either internally or within the retractable canopy roof top area. From the roof top area, you will have the benefit of 180 deg. glazing all within the comfort of the enclosed roof on a cool evening with the option without side on the true external balcony overlooking St Annes Road West with a further option to sit within the glazed corner turret.

The canopy, approved on 5th December 2002, is no longer viewed favourably and ideally would be removed. However, financially, this appears very costly considering its potential improvement. Instead, we focused on how to improve the existing canopy by creating a break in the canopy on Garden Street to emphasise the main building entrance and to draw people’s attention and interest. This along with the localised glass roof & raised entrance doorway (up to or as close to the existing ceiling height as possible) will add a lot of light internally. All building entrances will have a stone clad surround and a local roof glazing within the canopy roof to clearly pick out what the building has to offer.

rooftop bar night