New Build Development


The owner had already had a new house designed, this design represented a typical traditional pitched roof cottage and did not meet his requirements of a modern house.

modern architecture

The Solution

Knowing the local authority is key when considering how far you can take a 'modern' design property.

Having a great working relationship with South Ribble Borough Council we were confident in taking this concept forward.

The property is to replace an existing post office within greenbelt, this restricts the volume of the new house,

working with the local council allowed the volume to increased over the maximum due to the council liking the design.

the modest sized dwelling offers high levels of accomadation and areas of interest usually akin to larger properties.

Large amounts of glazing and huge rear sliding doors ensures light spaces, with the sence the outside spills into the rear living area.

Proposed Ground Floor

floor plan

Proposed First Floor

floor plan